5 Awesome Tips to get your dream Job in a Government Undertaking

In India, there has always been a huge demand amongst the job seekers to find an employment in a government organization and more so in the Navrathna companies like NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation), which are considered to be the most profit making government undertakings. One of the major reasons why people look for government jobs is that it offers a great sense of financial security and not to mention it is considered to be a socially respectable job.

Whilst there are many benefits of working in a government undertaking, getting a job in a public sector company is not as easy as it may sound. So if you are looking for a government, here are a few simple tips that would give you an edge over others and make your most cherished dream of working in a government sector a reality.

Identify your preferred area of interest

Just like the private sector, the Navratna companies announce plenty of openings in different fields, from scientists to marketing executives. So when you find NLC vacancies, the first step is to choose the sector that you wish to work. The choice must be made on the basis if your skill set, the area of interest and qualification. Usually, the government jobs require the candidates to have a certain minimum qualification. So to avoid being rejected, make sure that you apply for a position that you are adequately qualified for.

Watch out for the job notification

Usually, the government undertakings announce the job openings through their website and newspapers, so if you are looking to apply for a certain post in a certain company, always keep an eye on the opening. You can find a full list of current job openings in the ‘careers’ sector of the government job portals, keep looking at this section and other reliable sources and make sure that you apply within the deadline as an when the opportunity comes. If you miss the deadline, you may have to wait for a year or more until fresh applications are invited.

Be Careful while filling the application form

Filling the application form is the first step to getting a government job. No matter if you are filling an online form or if you have a physical application form make sure that you fill the details carefully and avoid making silly mistakes, which could get your application rejected. Also, don’t forget to attach all the important documents required.

Do your preparation well

Almost all the government jobs require the new recruits to appear for a qualifying examination, which is then followed by an interview. Although the nature of the examination differs based on the position you are applying for, almost all the exam have a section for current affairs, general knowledge, and logic. So make sure that you do your preparation well to make sure that you clear the exam and get one step closer to getting the job.

Pass the exam and interview

If you are well-prepared there is absolutely no reason why you cannot pass the exam and the interview. The interview process would be different depending on the company and the rank you are applying for but generally, the panel is cordial.

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