Opportunities in the energy sector

As a growing country there is a steady demand for good quality infrastructure and energy in India. The development of the manufacturing sector is also increasing the demand for energy, leading to a need to setup energy production companies that can provide energy at a economical cost and in the volumes required. The Indian government has taken many active steps to meet these energy requirements and is looking at all forms of energy be it oil, solar, thermal or nuclear to meet its growing needs. It has invested huge amounts and provided facilities to energy companies to expand their operations due to which these energy companies are actively hiring people who would like to play an role in the development of the nation. If you want to be a part of the energy sector you can look up NLC Vacancy on the internet. NLC is a coal mining and energy generation company that produces energy through thermal plants.

It believes in the principles of clean and green energy and ensures that its plants and mines meet all environmental and statutory guidelines issued by the government from time to time. It is also setting up solar and wind energy plants, which are going to be the major renewable sources of energy in the future, so that there are alternative sources of energy available as compared to traditional sources like oil and coal. Due to the key role it is playing in the energy sector, NLC has been classified as a Navratna company by the Government of India.

To recognise the efforts of PSU companies that perform well and achieve profitability, and give them more autonomy in their management the government classifies them as Navratna companies. It offers them many benefits and incentives to further expand and grow. These Navratna companies can also invest in projects based on pre-approved financial limits without the need to take approvals for each and every project from the government, which helps them operate more efficiently and as competitively as private companies operating in the energy sector. Some of the Navratna companies in India apart from NLC are Bharat Electronics, Container Corporation, Engineers India, Hindustan Aeronautics, Hindustan Petroleum and Power Grid Corporation.

The energy sector needs people with varied skills to ensure the smooth running of the energy plants, right from engineers to setup, operate and maintain the machinery and technology required to run the plants to people skilled in the automation sector for running the plants with minimum human contact and the distribution and transmission of the energy produced over large distances with minimum wastage and losses. Due to the thrust by the government in growing the energy sector, there will be soon many job opportunities available in the energy sector for those who wish to be a part of it. The job opportunities are expected to grow further with the infusion of foreign investment in the energy and infrastructure sector in India.

You can also be a part of this growing energy sector in other varied roles, such as administration of day to day workings of the plants and offices to supervisory roles for the existing and upcoming plants or even be a part of the design and engineering team that sets up these plants.

The government sector offers equal if not more privileges as compared to the private sector, so in terms of monetary and other benefits you will be on par with other people working in private companies. However, the respect and sense of fulfilment you will get in serving the nation cannot be matched by any private sector job, so do consider working for the public sector especially in the energy industry as it needs skilled and capable people. You can look up for NLC Vacancy if you are looking for an opening the energy sector. The writer of this article recommends NLC as it is the best public sector energy company in India.

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