Sarkari Naukri: government jobs back en vogue

Sarkari Naukris, or government jobs, are making a strong comeback in the Indian employment game. It’s not like they were gone or were no longer attractive; it’s just that in the past few decades, Indian has seen a large number of individuals migrating to private companies in search of higher pay cheques, or better travel opportunities, or perhaps due to a newfound adventurous spirit in the modern day youth. But it seems now that latest government jobs are giving the private sector a tough competition. The much revered government jobs of old have always been the most satisfactory and reliable source of earning a living for years, and continue to be just as good today.

A government employee enjoys benefits that even the high ranked private jobs do not provide. And the benefits do not affect the income at all. The government constantly updates schemes and policies related to income and perks of a government employee. The latest development on this front is the 7th pay commission which sees a major hike in the basic pay of a central government employee. There is also an increase in house rent allowances and house building advances. With the basic pay now having been doubled, and the annual increment still at 3% per annum, it is quite compelling for people to get even a regular job in the public sector.

It seems as though the government’s plan to involve more people in its employment is working for now, thanks to improvements in the generous accommodations that it provides. There has been a considerable rise in government jobs in the last couple of years. An approximate 2.53 lakh government jobs were created in the past two years alone. Although this is not a monumental achievement, it could well be a small step towards the eradication of the problem of unemployment which seems to have always plagued India.

But a government job isn’t just about easy money and plentiful perks, it also entails the responsibility of being a public worker who, in some way or the other, gives back to society. Every government job somewhat follows the democracy motto: of the people, by the people and for the people. After all, the people who work in various government sectors are people who decide the basic lifestyle of almost every citizen in the country. This is an undertaking that every government employee has to fulfil with unrelenting dedication. This is probably why in the old days a man with a government job was the most sought after groom in almost every Indian family.

The advantages of having a government job over a private one are known to every job seeker. Job security, good pay, countless perks, easily manageable workload and that lifelong saving grace called pension: only a government job can provide all of this. And the best part is that government jobs will never fade away. There are also many other benefits which makes a government job extremely lucrative. Nowadays even the career growth which is associated with a government job cannot be matched by some of the top private companies in the country. Moreover, the additional benefits that comes with holding a high-profile government job can be very impressive too. However, the biggest and the proudest thing about holding a job in this sector is that the individual who is working has a part to play in shaping the future of our country and has the responsibility of ironing out the problems which exists in the present system. So, it is best to always be on the lookout for the latest government jobs and grab every opportunity that presents itself.

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