Sarkari Naukri: state and central

If the Sarkari Naukri job alerts are switched on in any website or app, two kinds of government job notifications are found: central government jobs and state government jobs. Although both provide similar salaries and perks, there are certain aspects in a central government job that better the jobs in the state government.

A state government job is handled by the state. The state government decides the work, facilities and incentives and keeps vacant positions for a majority of employees from the state itself. State government jobs are usually available in such sectors as banking, teaching, finance, hospitals, research and development etc. and facilitate a satisfactory pay with the usual benefits that come with a government job. These benefits, however, vary from state to state. Starting from free electricity and water to free rent and concessions on almost all government facilities, the state government takes good care of its employees’ basic needs. And the pension plans remain the same.

The recruitment process for a state government job is quite similar to that of a central government job. However, these processes are based on which one of the four pay grades is considered. For a higher pay grade, candidates face a test followed by a personal interview. For a lower pay grade, basic qualifications are deemed sufficient for the job.

The most alluring aspect of a state government jobs is the fact that an employee gets to live with his or her family. It is often seen that the prospect of spending more time with the family is a priority for most Indians. Every year millions of people look forward to these exams and prepare tirelessly so that they can get a respectable job while also getting to stay close to their family and fulfill their responsibilities. A private job does not guarantee this liberty, and a central government job involves traveling anywhere in the country in most cases; but a state government job let’s people stay within the state and makes family time more abundant.

The other type of government job is provided by the central government. Central government jobs or public sector units are the more prestigious and more sought out jobs in India. These are jobs in sectors such as railways, defence, judiciary, PSUs, etc. A central government employee receives a handsome pay and benefits worth thousands.

Unlike the state government jobs, a central government job is given based on the results of a compulsory exam, which tests the quantitative, verbal and logical abilities of a candidate.

Being provided by the Central government, the jobs are not specific to any state or city or region of the country. They can be applied for by anyone from across the nation and if selected, a person can sit back and enjoy a comfortable life. Because apart from the generous pay, central government jobs give employees several perks and benefits that far outweigh and outnumber the ones provided by the state government. And in a recent turn of events, the new 7th pay commission by the government ensures increased pay for central government employees. Apart from the pay the central government employees also enjoy a lot of privileges which cannot be compared to any other job in the country. Moreover, the respect that some of the jobs in central government command is another major benefit of getting a job.

The time has come for Indian parents to persuade their kids to get a Sarkari Naukri again, and this time, the kids are going to consider it with greater fervour. It is time to turn on the Sarkari Naukri job alert and make the most of the Indian government’s offerings.

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