The Scenario Of Government Jobs For Engineers in India

In India, thousands of engineers are produced every year, and the numbers are shooting up with the passage of time. No doubt, the number of engineers produced every year is much higher in comparison to the relevant jobs available in the private sector. This is the reason why engineers (both fresher and experienced) nowadays are heading towards the public sector jobs. The government jobs in India for engineers are as enticing as the ones in the private sector.

If you are an engineer and looking for a job, you should definitely take a look at the prospects available in the public sector. You can get jobs in the fields like DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), agriculture and technology, bio-processing, National Institute of Technology, banking, ECIL (electronics corporation of India limited), and many more. You can get complete information about these jobs from the reputed websites like Sarkari Naukri Union.

How to find the best jobs for engineer?

Since there are various departments in the government sector, therefore it is important to figure out the most relevant sectors as per your engineering degree. For this reason, you need to keep in mind the specialization you had selected for your engineering degree; some of the most commonly pursued specializations are civil engineering, electronics, mechanical, chemical, telecommunication, and Information Technology.

When notifications are released by the concerned government department, you need to make sure the points in the eligibility section match with your specialization. Apart from the specialization, you also have to take into consideration your experience. Even though freshers are also allowed to apply for the government job vacancies, but majority of the jobs are for those who have an experience of more than a year.

When you are applying for any exam or any job, you need to be careful while filling up the form. One wrong detail can mess up your opportunity to crack the exam or the job for that matter. Take your time, keep all your documents handy, and then attentively fill up the form. Another important point to keep in mind is, not to miss out the due date of submitting the application form. You will not just miss out a form, but you will miss a great chance that would change your career game.

After you are done filling out your form, give two to three readings to be sure. You can even ask any of your friend or your family member to cross check the details you have given. Just to be completely sure.

Keep giving government exams that are related to engineering field. Reading constantly, giving plenty of exams, and staying updated with the technical knowledge helps in terms of long term goals. You can prepare for junior level to high level examinations that will help you in brushing up your mathematical and current affair skills. As it is said, practice makes a man perfect. So, keep practicing and keep giving exams.

Once you get used to exams, the next step is to prepare for interviews. An interview session is completely different from the exams. You need to present yourself in the best manner while giving an interview. The panel taking your interview will test you on various skills such as your ability to work, your spontaneous attitude, your communication skills, your knowledge on engineering, and much more. Read as many interviews as you can, watch videos on interviews, and try practicing by yourself. Make sure you give your best in any of your interview session.

The government sector offers a lot of opportunities for engineers. It is a promising career path for the future generations of engineers in our education system.

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