Tacking the Problem of Job Scarcity in India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It has been making rapid growth in the last decade or so. However, the development has not yet been able to reach depths of Indian population. Some of the biggest economic achievements often get overshadowed by the pressing issues plaguing the nation. One problem which has been affecting the lives of the people in recent times is the issue of job scarcity.

This problem is not something which has been culminated in the last few years. Decades of developments have led to the current situation where even a graduate person is not able to bag a suitable job without any fuss.

The government must look to address the urgent issues first while also keeping an eye on the future. This can be a tricky decision. The following are some ways the government can look to handle the issues which may help them find a good balance between the present and the future.

Immediate need to find jobs

If the problem is to be addressed on a more urgent basis then the focus should be on creating more jobs. The government of India should come up with more schemes to provide jobs for the uneducated as well as educated Indians. Most of the schemes largely focus on the people who are not highly educated. The government should look to create more jobs and more important better awareness. Although, there are ample job opportunities in the government sector many educated Indians are not aware about it. There is a misconception that sarkari jobs are not easily available. However, if one is able to get timely and proper sarkari naukri job alert then it becomes a lot easier to prepare and get the high position jobs in the government sector.

More information about these jobs will ensure that increasing number of people appear for the exams and get the jobs. Moreover, such platforms should also be created to inform job seekers about the latest schemes and initiatives of the government to provide job opportunities. In addition to this, initiatives like start-up India will also greatly benefit the job seekers of the nation.

The need for an educational reform

In the long run one of the best ways to solve this issue is to address the educational aspect of India. Indian educational system has often been criticized for being orthodox. The system has remained largely unchanged with very few moderations being made over the last three decades or so. Over the years, with the advancements made in the field of technology, the gap between the knowledge provided by the Indian educational system and the actual knowledge required in the modern world has increased.

This is even more so the case when it comes to the technical institutions of the country. There is an urgent need for a reformation in the educational sector if India is to completely overcome the present job related problem. The government, in its bid to improve the job situation in India has increased the number of premier educational universities like AIIMS and IITs.

However, that may not prove to be very beneficial as it is the training method which needs to change more immediately than the sheer number of seats. Hence, one must concentrate on the modules and the technologies involved during the course of more technology based courses in India.

Overall, the first step to solve the problem should be to create more government job opportunities for the youth, while also ensuring a better system to provide sarkari naukri job alert to the youth of the country. Then the government should aim to reform the education sector to solve the problem from its root.

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