The Role Of Companies Like NFL In Indian Agriculture

Agricultural sector is very important for the well being and prosperity of India as a developing country. A productive and well managed agricultural sector ensures that the people of India have enough food to eat. Along with that, it also generates valuable foreign exchange for the country through exports of surplus production of food grains and other agricultural commodities. All this is however possible only if the agricultural sector is able to produce the required quantities of all food products and ensure they are well stocked and maintained to meet all immediate and future requirements. One important factor that the agricultural sector relies on to boost its production is the use of fertilisers.

Fertilisers are an essential part of the agricultural sector in India, since they help in restoring the fertility of the soil and in boosting the output from the crops being farmed. Fertilisers help crops grow better and faster, due to which crops give faster and better quality of yields. Most of the crops need minerals to grow, which however cannot be absorbed by plants directly, so they are mixed along with water and then sprayed on the plants and their roots, so that plants can absorb them.

Fertilisers help provide plants with essential nutrients needed for their growth such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus which they may not be able to get from the soil. They also help replenish the essential nutrients which are normally present in the soil, but get exhausted due to the growth cycle of the plants. The National Fertilisers Limited Company, which is one of the top most fertiliser companies in India, employs many professionals in the manufacture and distribution of fertilisers to farmers.

People, who want to work with and contribute to the agricultural sector in India, should check out the many suitable NFL openings, advertised by NFL from time to time. NFL usually uses all popular advertising channels like job sites, newspapers etc to advertise its vacancies across all fields. In India, the company National Fertilisers Limited helps Indian farmers with their requirements of fertilisers.

The role of NFL explained

As a premier body in India, dealing in fertilisers the NFL keeps conducting constant research and development in the field of fertilisers to ensure they have no side effects and provide the plants with the required nutrients, to facilitate their healthy growth. It is also responsible for ensuring all the fertilisers manufactured by it are of the best quality and there are no safety hazards or harmful effects in handling or using them by the farmers.

National Fertilisers Limited encourages people from all fields and diverse experience to apply with them and even has openings for fresher’s, who may have no experience at all. One can even apply online for some of their vacancies such as entry level engineers and IT internship jobs. To get a job with NFL, candidates should practise their personal interview and group discussion skills as well as their written exam by going through sample National Fertiliser Limited exam papers. It is suggested to go through all previous test papers and also check their latest syllabus before applying for a NFL job and appearing for their written exams.

Since NFL is a very big organization, therefore there are varieties of jobs available in this company. For some NFL openings, especially in the field of research and development, NFL looks for graduates with a chemistry background, so that they can work effectively in their laboratories on different chemical compositions and elements. The NFL is a premier organisation in the country and should be a preferred company to work in for all those looking at developing a long term career and contributing to the growth of the country at the same time.

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